Ladies’ Fashion Store Buncrana – Our Story “The Wardrobe”

Ladies’ Fashion Store Buncrana

Deirdre Carroll and the team in Buncrana Co Donegal welcome you to The Wardrobe. Quality ladies fashion for special occasions or events or just for you.

My love of fashion started some 40 years ago, when my mother took me shopping. She was such a glamorous lady, she would get dressed up whether we were off to Dublin, Belfast or Derry. She never had a hair out of place, her dresses perfectly pressed and her pale pink lipstick recently applied.

It was a wonder she had the time, with such a large family to look after. And I always admired her attention to detail in what we would now call self-care.

I have definitely inherited her love of combining shapes and colours to bring out the best in outfits. And I want to help other ladies do so too.

Hi, I am Deirdre Carroll, the head stylist and wardrobe auditor at The Wardrobe. All I want to do is help ladies find the fashion that is right for them. Making you feel beautiful in whatever you wear is my whole purpose in life. This wee fashion store in Buncrana and my wonderful clients, make me so satisfied after a day at work.

My Mother always said “If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life“.

Lots of limited or one off items in the Buncrana Shop – not available online. Drop in and say hello to Deirdre